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Amanda Buhse: Spreading Smiles & Lighting Up People’s Life

In uncertain ways of business, one has to be ready for spontaneous challenges. If one can mold these challenges and utilize them as a ladder […]

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Carol Stewart, Associate VP of Tech Parks Arizona at the University of Arizona
Carol Stewart: A Pioneer in the Research Park World

With an enriching experience of working with research parks, technology commercialization, business incubation, governmental relations, and business development, proactive leader Carol Stewart leads by example. […]

Cloé Caron: Guiding Leaders to Develop their True Potential

Driven by the passion to help, inspire, and develop individuals, Cloé Caron has transformed the lives of many leaders and organizations through her human approach […]

Jillian Weston: An Astute Digital Marketer Leading with Relatability and Empathy

The effectiveness of the leaders is mainly figured out by their ability to cooperatively work with their team and lead that team effectively to deliver […]

Kate Headley: Challenging the Conventional

Recognized as one of the leading experts of inclusive recruitment and talent management best practice, Kate Headley is changing the face of employment. Kate co-founded […]

Robyn Bordes: Offering Consistent Top-Tier Solution in Public Relations

With digitalization came a massive wave of transformation that changed the face of the Public Relations industry to a scale that it had to expand […]