The 10 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch 2019

Cover Story

Kirsten Bay | CEO & Co-Founder | Cysurance

Kirsten Bay: Safeguarding Small Businesses through Comprehensive Risk Management

The current business world is defined by complexity, disruption, and change and desperately needs leaders with holistic approaches and diverse skill sets, perspectives and experiences. Women are taking charge […]

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Kendall Stafford | Managing Partner | Benchmark International
Kendall Stafford: A Compassionate Leader with Exceptional Management Traits

Kendall Stafford, Managing Partner at Benchmark International is one of the businesswomen who is shepherding business with her visionary ideas and crucial leadership traits. Kendall was born and […]

Lindsey Myers | Founder | Concrete Blonde Consulting
Lindsey Myers: Personifying the True Essence of Passion

It is certainly a passion that fuels an individual to make things happen. In fact, passion defines the true essence of entrepreneurship. An avid leader, Lindsey Myers is exemplifying how […]