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MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION: Transforming Data into Expert Decisions

Being a data science company that provides custom analytics solutions to the Financial, Retail, and the Healthcare industries, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION was incepted with a vision of working tirelessly to be dubbed as a leading custom analytics solution provider. The company boasts decades of experience in meeting the world’s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities in modeling & analytics, optimization and Artificial Intelligence, especially in the payment and card space………
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The 10 Most Recommended Payment and Card Solution Providers 2018

Eric Elwell | Founder & CEO | 2 Touch POS - Insights Success

2 Touch POS™: Transforming Business Transactions

The retail market has shown a tremendous growth in the following decades. This surging rate of growth has demanded an efficient management system to cater to various essential requirements. One of these requirements is a Point of Sale (POS) system which...
Joseph Chan | Founder & CEO | AsiaPay - Insights Success

AsiaPay: Driving the Asian Financial Technology Revolution

The world of business is undergoing rapid transformation as Financial technology (FinTech) solutions change the way payments are channeled and received, and how transaction records are stored. Developed countries around the world are inexorably moving towards cashless societies while expectations of customers, merchants and...
Jon Monge | CEO | National Bankcard - Insights Success

National Bankcard: Providing Processing Solutions Effectively

With the growing usage of the internet and plastic money the demand of debit and credit card-based payment systems are increasing every day. So, enters National Bankcard, a leading provider in credit and debit card based payment processing solutions for customers across...
Christian Deger | CEO | Co-founder | Payworks - Insights Success

Payworks: Empowering Commerce Globally

With the ever-increasing use of cards and online payment systems over past decades, Point of Sale (PoS) payment gateways have been garnering a lot of attention. It was with these developments in mind that Payworks was founded. The vision of Payworks is...

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Eliad Saporta | Managing Director | Coriunder - Insights Success

Backend-As-A-Service for Payments-As-A-Service

The growth of the Fintech ecosystem brought with it an influx of Payment Service Providers (PSP). These new arrivals are changing the way the industry is serving and interacting with its customers. Growth Triggers Fresh...

Digi Payments

Digi Payments - Insights Success

The Age of Disruptive Banking through Digital Payment Solutions

The way people make payments are changing faster due to the improved integration of digital technology. This has benefited the industry with increased competition and consumer demands. The changes can be witnessed in Travel, E-commerce,...