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Matthew Telesca | Founder & CEO | MGN Logistics

MGN Logistics: Creating Supply Chain Solutions with Expertise and Technology

Technology has changed the way business is done. Today, customer and product location is no longer important. Product travels across the globe with the promise […]

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Envisioning the future of Logistics technology [ Insights Success ]
Envisioning the future of Logistics technology

Corporations work very hard to provide the best customer services. Logistics is such one service. These companies manage the flow of things between the origin […]

Bradley Moore | Founder & CEO | SAFR Removals | Insights Success
SAFR Removals: Offering Efficient Freight Solutions

Bradley Moore is the Founder and CEO of SAFR Removals, one of the more well-known logistics company in South Africa. In an interview with Insights […]

Dr. Hendrik Witt | CEO | Ubimax | Business Magazine
Ubimax: Revolutionizing Global Enterprise with Wearable Computing and AR

Founded in 2011, Ubimax is the global market leader for Enterprise Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality Solutions. As a one-stop-shop, Ubimax provides an all-in-one solution– […]