The 10 Most Recommended LIMS Solutions Providers, 2018 October 2018

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Genohm | Insights Success

Genohm: Streamlining the Management of Data and Machine

Today’s modern labs are generating huge amounts of data and processing more samples than ever before. Thus, laboratories are looking for an effective solution that […]

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Next Frontier of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry - Insights Success
The Next Frontier of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is passing through hopeful and turbulent times at the same time today. On one hand, the industry is facing rising opposition from […]

Quality of Good Leader [ Insights Success ]
Attributes of a Good Leader

Leadership is about using the power of a position to empower a group of people in order to attain a common goal. A leader’s task […]

S. Parthasarathy Director & Co-founder | CareData Infomatics | Insights Success
CareData Infomatics: Attaining Zeniths in Healthcare Tech

Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India CareData Infomatics is a leading healthcare technology organization that offers solutions to enhance patient care and optimize clinical processes […]

Bob Voelkner | Vice President Sales & marketing | Lab Vantage Solutions | Insights Success
LabVantage: Powering Laboratories with Modern LIMS Software Solutions

In many industries today, the laboratory retains its importance as a vital part of R&D and testing processes. There are many emerging technologies that are […]

Alper Terkinli | CEO and Founder | Lex Software Solutions | Insights Success
Lex Software Solutions: Striving to Design Easy-to-Implement and Convenient Software for the End-User

Headquartered in Turkey, Lex Software Solutions is fully committed to provide specialized software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. In an interview with Insights Success, Alper […]

Roberto Castelnovo | Co-owner & Co-founder | NL42 | Insights Success
NL42: A Leading Paperless Consulting Service Provider

Based in Spain & Italy NL42 is a leading consulting services provider which also runs an annual congress Paperless Lab Academy, considered as one of […]

Bryan Shnider | CEO | TrueMed IT | Insights Success
TrueMed IT: Leading the Global Lab Management Solutions Market

Automation technology is intended to ease the pressure of monotonous and complicated, yet important tasks of laboratories. There are numerous software tools in almost every […]