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Geo Janssens | Chief Executive Officer | jonckers | Insights Success

Jonckers: Offering Continuous Delivery Through Technology

Businesses that function across international borders and language barriers are continually looking for faster solutions to deliver their message to market quicker than their competitors. For them, every spoken […]

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Virtualizing Business [ Insights Success ]
Virtual Reality: Providing a New Outlook to Traditional Businesses

“VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all […]

Irene Anew | Founder & President | Agnew Multilingual | Insights Success
Agnew Multilingual: Translating Languages Globally

In today’s business world, communication is playing a more vital role than ever. The need for language services is rapidly increasing across the globe. Organizations […]

Antonio Tejada | Managing Director | Capita Translation and Interpreting | Insights Success
CAPITA Translation and Interpreting: Providing Seamless Language Solutions

When was the last time you watched a film not in your native language and noticed the subtitles or dubbing didn’t sound right? Or maybe […]

Jamey Edwards | CEO & Co- Founder | Cloudbreak Health | Insights Success
Cloudbreak: Humanizing Health Care

Medicine as a field does not just treat illnesses, it treats human beings. However, complications can arise that get in the way of quality care. […]

Shunee yee | Founder & CEO | CSOFT International | Insights Success
CSOFT International: Harmonizing Language and Technology

We live on a planet with more than 7 billion people who speak more than 7000 languages. Over 50 percent of the population speaks at […]

Michal Shinitzky | managing Director | Pangea Translation Services (Cyprus) Ltd
Pangea Translation Services: Gaming and Trading Specialists with High-Quality, Professional Translators

The language service industry is increasingly being supported by different technologies. There are companies that consider this as undesirable but some experts believe it is […]

Elena G. Rojas | Founder and CEO | Protrans | Insights Success
Protrans: Reforming Language Services with Distinctive Solutions

International communications have become a vital part of the business world. This global reach is achieved through effective comprehension of various languages. Language is one […]

Yves Desjardins | Founder and CEO | Traducta | Insights Success
Traducta: Services for Professionals. Assisting Professionals with Multilingual Translation Services

In the present business world, multilingual translation services are extremely important if one is observing opportunities in the international market. To reach the global market, […]