The 10 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers

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Herrington Technology | online business magazine

Herrington Technology: Offering New Age Solutions Propelling Customer Experience

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Herrington Technology focuses on enabling its clients to leverage SAP solutions for better business success and […]

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Nasim Ahmad Ansari | Director | Facile Consulting & JCC Bowers | online business magazine
Effect of Business Intelligence and its advantages

It is always said that “Better decisions can be made with better business insights” and to get better Business Insight industry uses Business Intelligence tools. […]

Tessa Clarke | Co-founder & CEO | OLIO | online business magazine
HOW TO DO BEST WORK WHEN YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY WORKING: Making a personal and professional life balance

In my role as chief evangeliser for OLIO – the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app – I speak about our work and journey at a lot […]

STEM and Augmented Reality is the Best Marriage to Deliver Motivation to the Classroom

In the era of rapid digital advancement, schools are struggling to maintain relevancy in their classes due to rapid changes in the job market and […]

Christopher Carter | CEO | Approyo | online business magazine
Approyo: Offering Simplified SAP with Innovative Cloud Solutions

Established in 2012, Approyo provides full SAP service technology with extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, and product procurement, in order to develop the right […]

Diego Cabezud | CEO | Gigas Hosting | online business magazine
Gigas: A Global Platform Offering Excellent Cloud Hosting Solutions

Today’s SAP industry scenario is, from an infrastructural point of view, has seen a massive rise. End clients increasingly seek comprehensive solutions that provide the […]

Steven Branch | CEO | Configurable Management | Business Magazine
Configurable Management: A Zero-Code Platform for SAP Development and Integration

Configurable Management has out of the box SAP integration that accesses the tens of thousands of BAPIs or RFMs available in SAP, or any custom […]