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“If you’re an organization that expects more from your HR tech and vendor, then we think there’s no better solution or partner than SyncHR.”

Pam Glick: SyncHR’s CEO has the big HR software vendors playing catch up

Spend a few minutes talking with Pam Glick, CEO of SyncHR, and it becomes crystal clear that she has a deep passion for HR – and a fire in her belly to right the wrongs that have plagued HR and finance professionals for years. After nearly two decades implementing Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies for growing enterprise companies, Glick says she intuitively knew things could be done different – and better. A lot better…….
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People First: A Productive Way of Working

A decade since the recession, and despite advances in technology, productivity in businesses has continued to decline across the globe. According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workplace report, only 15% of employees are truly engaged at work. They, along with other………
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The 10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Solution Providers 2018

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