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Pam Glick: SyncHR’s CEO has the big HR software vendors playing catch up

Spend a few minutes talking with Pam Glick, CEO of SyncHR, and it becomes crystal clear that she has a deep passion for HR – and a […]

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People Analytics: A Magical Crystal Ball for HR Fraternity - Insights Success
People Analytics: A Magical Crystal Ball for HR Fraternity

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world” – Steve Jobs The […]

Cloverleaf: Delivering World Class HCM Solutions

Every enterprise is dependent on its resources. It is the basic function of every company to utilize them effectively to retrieve optimum results. Human capital is one of the […]

Fidello: Helping Elevate Human Performance

The prime objective of every organization is to plan, develop, and organize its employees in such a way that they become capable and efficient resources […]

MenaITech – Excellence in Developing Customized Human Capital Solutions and Providing Related Services

Technological disruptions are a defining feature of the modern business world and hence, companies are automating and digitizing their business operations at an unprecedented speed. […]

Elaborate the characteristics of Human Capital Management System in context of SaaS

When it comes to successful human capital management, many businesses have had success with new SaaS technology to help automate the acquisition and the aspects of managing their workforce. […]

Human Capital Management: AI Can’t Replace the Human Side of Recruiting

What happened to coal miners is not going to happen to recruiters. Automated and autonomous technologies have forever changed mining globally, and no amount of tariffs or corporate […]

Phenom People: A Leading Human Capital Management Solution Provider

In an interview with Insights Success, Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-founder of Phenom People, shares his experience and gives resourceful insights on the HCM industry […]

Corinne Bot | Founder & CEO | Polyglot Group | Insights Success
Polyglot Group: Helping Businesses Grow Globally

Founded in 1995, Polyglot Group is a leading global boutique consultancy dedicated to helping businesses expand & optimize their operations both locally and across borders. […]

Anton Roe | CEO | People First | Insights Success
People First: A Productive Way of Working

A decade since the recession, and despite advances in technology, productivity in businesses has continued to decline across the globe. According to Gallup’s 2017 State […]