The 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies in 2020 July2020

Cover Story

Cheryl Cecchetto | Founder & President | Sequoia Productions

Sequoia Productions: A Prestigious Event Production Company

Sequoia Productions is a full-service event production company specializing in décor and entertainment-driven celebrations, corporate events, and family milestones. Their clients include the Oscars®, the […]

Project Listings

Alexandra Juran | Director | Alexandra Juran Artego Productions
Alexandra Juran Artego Production: Creating World’s Best Gala Events

Creating a luxury event is not for the faint of the hearts. So, in 2006 Artego Productions was founded, by Alexandra Juran. Since then, the organization […]

Heather Mason | CEO | Caspian Agency
Caspian Agency: Helping Clients Clarify Strategic Goals

Taking a blank sheet to a brand new convening, or partnering with an existing event that’s gotten a bit tired, Caspian Agency, ensures a solid, inspiring business plan […]

Jamie Timperley | President | Dynamic Events
Dynamic Events: Cultivating Meaningful and Innovative Experiences

When it comes to business, events are powerful marketing tool to bring like-minded audiences together to share learnings, exchange creative ideas, and ultimately see what’s […]

Jennifer Basset | CEO | Bassett Events
Bassett Events Inc.: When Luxury Event Management is an Art!

Specializing in the creation of exceptional events for private and corporate clients, Bassett Events designs, plans and manages every project from conception to execution. Bassett Events organizes completely customized […]

Jessica Cheney | CEO & Co-Founder | We Crush Events
We Crush Events: Planning and Executing Engaging Experiences

Creating an unforgettable experience for employees or clients is never easy, there are so many hassles you can face while arranging an event. Thus We Crush Events […]

Pach Ang | Group CEO & Founder | RedFilo Events
RedFilo: The Professional Event Management Company

The best way to build relationships and form new ones with potential customers is “Events and Exhibitions”. It provides face-to-face customer contact. Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies are […]

Raffaele Castelli | Founder | CLY
CLY: Italian Creativity Meets German Reliability

In today’s time, event management is more vital than ever before as several companies desire their presence to be recognized in the global market, and thus, they have […]