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Wolfspeed: Shaping the Future of the Semiconductor Market

It took time, but the electric vehicle is now a reality. As consumers, companies and governments purchase, produce and promote the electrification of the transportation industy, the […]

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Addionics: Building an All-battery Powered Future

Undeniably, electrification is the future. But, as we are thinking of transitioning from fossil fuels to all electric, there is a dire need to build […]

Bluedot: Making Charging Experiences of EV Drivers More Engaging and Rewarding

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are growing day by day. There is no doubt that electric cars will be seen in large numbers on the roads in […]

Jedlix: Speeding Up the Transitions from Fossil Fuels to Green Power

The automobile industry is making a vast paradigm shift by switching to hybrid electric cars. While these shifts occur in the background, several concerns arise. […]

Aceleron: Empowering Global Communities by Increasing Access to Energy Storage Solutions

We are living in a world where the energy crisis is a growing concern. Avoiding energy waste and taking actions that are in harmony with […]

GÜNSEL Electric Vehicles: Manufacturing Electric Cars Using Solar Energy with Zero Carbon Emission

Producing a car in North Cyprus was always a dream that Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel and his associates kept alive. However, the entrance barriers […]