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TVN Reddy, CEO of Aptean

Aptean: The ERP Promise of The Future

ERP solutions are a great awakening in most industries today. Industries have always recognized the value of efficient resource management. However, growing umbrella solutions from […]

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Gary Puchalski, Senior Consultant at AIM Computer Solutions
AIM Computer Solutions: Maximizing Productivity and Profitability of Discrete Manufacturers with Cost-Effective Software Solutions

Founded decades prior to Industry 4.0, AIM Computer Solutions is an industry leader in the repetitive manufacturing marketplace. It was established to offer technology solutions, […]

Dušan Tomić, Regional Sales Director at Vault-ERP
Vault-ERP: Helping Businesses Achieve Higher Levels of Productivity and Efficiency with Lower Costs

When a business grows, its workload also grows exponentially. Managing different departments and projects with spreadsheets and emails doesn’t make sense anymore. As a growing […]

Mantavya Gajjar, Director of Odoo India
Odoo: Ensuring Effective and Efficient Business Operations

The repetitive tasks are perhaps boring for almost everyone. Employees struggle with repetitive tasks, overloaded mailboxes, and administrative jobs that could have been automated. Accessing […]

Prashant Gupta, Director of Runtime Software
Runtime: Managing Your Workforce Made Easier

To manage the entire workforce of the company is an ultimate task; however, with the help of new technology and automation, it has become more […]