The 10 Most Intelligent Identity & Access Management Solution Providers, 2020

Cover Story

Mr. Dutch Ng | Chief Executive Officer | i-Sprint

i-Sprint Innovations: Providing World Class Identity and Access Management Solutions

i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) was founded by Mr. Albert Ching and Mr. Dutch Ng in 2000, Singapore. Back then, Albert and Dutch were working for a […]

Project Listings

Ainsley Braun | CEO | Tinfoil Security [ Business Magazine ]
Tinfoil Security: Security for Developers and DevOps

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO of Tinfoil Security, Ainsley Braun shares the vital contributions of Tinfoil Security to the security industry. Tinfoil […]

Living Through Fourth Industrial Revolution

– by Dr Danil Korchagin Danil Korchagin set up Aicue, technology Company that targets to change the way audience videos are consumed on the web, in 2011. In […]

Chandra Pandey | Founder & CEO | Seceon, Inc.
Seceon: Eliminating Threats in its Real-Time

In an interview with Insights Success, the Founder & CEO of Seceon, Chandra Pandey shares his great insight towards organization’s journey and its specialized solutions […]

Peter Sanders & Gary Fay | Founder | identifi Global
identifi Global: Finding Gems from a Haystack

Robotics and AI machineries will take control of human workforce in the coming decades and will put skilled workforce out of job opportunities. According to […]

Daan Kalkman | Deputy Director | EasySecure International BV
EasySecure: Expert in Identity Management

Do you want to have more control in your store, do you want to make expensive key plans and administration unnecessary and do you want […]

Rob Leslie | CEO & Founder | Sedicii
Sedicii: Proving Identity, Digitally in Real-Time

Today when a person uses their credit or debit card to purchase something on the internet via mail order or telephone order, there is no […]

Roy Farfara | MD, Founder & CTO | Triox Nano
The Age of DNA Nanotechnology

– by Dr. Roy Farfara Dr. Roy Farfara founded TrioxNano in 2015 with the intention to improve current medical treatments by benefiting from the vast […]

Barney Chan | CTO & Co-Founder | Tindo
Tindo: Making Security Possible

In today’s business climate, every minute counts. Managing IT services can be time-consuming and often frustrating. With winning IT security solutions, Tindo is here to […]