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tiko Energy Solutions AG: Revolutionizing Energy Sector through Virtual Power Plant

Power is crucial for driving economic growth of any country, especially emerging markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effects on the power sector, particularly […]

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Igor Green | CEO | Morgan Duncan MD | Utilibill | Insights Success
Utilibill: Guiding Utilities to the Cloud through Digital Transformation

The market is filled with energy solutions providers. There are very few offering solutions that address one of utilities biggest challenges, facilitating digital transformation to […]

The Impacts of Pandemic in Pharma and Biotech Laboratory

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was and is a world-changing event that has touched the lives of everyone on the planet, but on a positive […]

Renewable Energy Group: Blending Environmental Stewardship with Profitable Solutions

Currently the world is witnessing the crisis of climate change, and if we do not act responsibly this crisis could rise exponentially. We are now […]

Wuudis Solutions Oy: Easy-to-use IT Solutions for Forestry

Are you suffering a problem of maintaining work and family balance due to extensive travel to sites and massive amounts of paperwork at the office? […]

Living Through Industrial Revolution

Daniel Korchagin set up Aicue , a technology company that targets to change the way audience videos are consumed on the web, in 2011. In […]

Fighting with the Invisible Threat

Historically, pandemics have marked the course of history. They are an integral part of the life and evolution of every civilization. They are the symbol […]

Peter Bance | CEO | Origami
Origami: Creating a Green Energy World with Innovation

Origami: Creating a Green Energy World with Innovation The world is approaching towards the energy system which will continue in the future, a shift for […]