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A Thousand Souls to Inspire

Technology has become the backbone of businesses, building a new revolutionary era. It played a significant role, becoming a savior for businesses due to the […]

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Cathy Guthrie: Modern, Agile, and Empathy Driven HR Leadership

Today’s human resource function is an essential component of a company’s success. If that wasn’t evident before, the past 18 months have cemented the transformation […]

Julia Anthony: Streamlining Adrenal Crisis

With the rise of chronic diseases and the high-demand to deliver high-volume drugs for self-treatment in a timely manner, Julia Anthony took it upon herself […]

Kate Bohn: A Dynamic Blend of Expertise, Passion, and Innovation

When a woman steps up, she not only paves her own path but also makes sure to lift others around her. It is their all-inclusive […]

Sheree Atcheson: Making DEI a Reality

In an age of data-driven business solutions, the organizational framework for diversity and inclusion has not been left back. Today, companies focus on DEI as […]