Women Leaders

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Emma Dickison

Emma Dickison: Thriving to Deliver Exceptional Home Care

One can choose to walk several paths to attain their goals; however, sometimes, unintentional paths can create a beautiful journey. “I wish I could say […]

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Arungalai Anbarasu, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Waygate Technologies
Arungalai Anbarasu: A Pioneering Trailblazer with a Unique Perspective

Even the hardest stones change their shapes when facing the continuous water flow. Similarly, women’s leadership constantly soars, bending the inadequate difficulties of making balanced […]

Deirdre Mc Gettrick, Founder & CEO of ufurnish
Deirdre Mc Gettrick: Offering Wide Range of Furnishings

While architecture provides the framework for space, setting up vibe and mood requires suitable furnishings and interiors. A well-designed room speaks volumes about the atmosphere […]

Erna Grasz, CEO of Asante Africa Foundation
Erna Grasz: Empowering Youth to Architect Their Own Future

In today’s world, the importance of education is unparalleled. The better education the younger generation receive, the more they will contribute to the development of […]

Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva
Katerina Trajchevska: Shifting the Tides of Workplace Ideologies

The modern business world requires an innovative approach in workplaces; we have witnessed the change from cubicles to open workplaces; however, work culture demands another […]

Natalie Cramp | CEO | Profusion
Natalie Cramp: An Accomplished Tech Leader Leading by Example

Women have paved their way in the tech space and achieved remarkable milestones. They have climbed the leadership ladder in tech organizations by bringing different […]

Jennifer Bassett: Making YOUR Event an Unequivocal Experience

The soaring demand to have personalized events that differentiate from the conventional has led to seeking event managers who deliver a genuine high-touch experience. To […]

May Winfield: Guiding YOU through Commercial, Legal, and Digital Risk with Innovative Strategies

Many inspiring stories start small but significantly impact the world when heard. Similarly, women leaders that make their presence themselves from the ground up are […]

Elena Sinelnikova: Making Blockchain Accessible to Everyone

Like any other industry, women have set their foot in the blockchain industry as well. Though the percentage of their involvement in the crypto sector […]