Women Leaders

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Meredith Caram

Meredith Caram: A Robust Advocate for Voice of Women Revolutionizing Tech Firms

The ever-evolving changes in the business world demand adaptation to meet the needs of modern times. Often businesses struggle and fall short of matching up […]

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Ishveen Jolly
Ishveen Jolly: Revolutionizing the World of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the backbone of sports The interest in sports is exploding, and it’s bound to increase. In a recent Statista survey, it is reported […]

Katie Hamilton Shaffer
Katie Hamilton Shaffer: Enlightening People through a Unique Experience of Food, Wine, and Giving Back

When you tie your passion with a purpose, you can bring a significant difference to the world. Katie Shaffer’s journey is a striking instance of […]

Leticia Latino | Telecom Industry
Leticia Latino: Driving the Ongoing Transformation in the Telecom Industry

From working for Merrill Lynch and Nortel to joining the family business, Neptuno USA, and bringing its name, legacy, and know-how to the US, Leticia […]

Michelle Drolet
Michelle Drolet: Securing Your Data with Preparedness Solutions

Keeping one’s data protected has become the top-most priority in the digital revolution. The organizations operating in the cybersecurity niche are working to the bone […]

Vanessa Mbonu
Vanessa Mbonu: Fighting Forward

There are thousands of untold stories that could have changed the course of humankind. For decades, people’s voice has been suppressed, creating racial hatred and […]

Elena Sinelnikova
Elena Sinelnikova: Making Blockchain Accessible to Everyone

Like any other industry, women have set their foot in the blockchain industry as well. Though the percentage of their involvement in the crypto sector […]

Katherine Colombino | SAP Solutions
Katherine Colombino: Offering Industry Leading SAP Solutions

A leader committed to a cause will always give their all to get the desired result; they understand the importance of their word and how […]

Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin: A Sought-after Expert in the HR Fraternity

An epitome of passionate leadership, Nicole Martin is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of HRBoost. She founded HR Boost with a vision to bring […]

Taaya Griffith
Taaya Griffith: Illustrating YOUR Life Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words. It makes one relive the beautiful moments spent with loved ones, capturing emotions one cannot always express. Turning […]