Cover Story

Aniko Smith Co-founder Touchstone Education.

Aniko Smith: Educating Individuals to Create their Own Wealth.

For the majority of us, the world of investment can look challenging. Deciding where to invest, how much to invest and which sector to invest […]

Project Listings

Antonella Rubicco Co-Founder & CEO A3Cube.
Antonella Rubicco: Transforming Data into Real Concrete Values for Businesses.

With an aim to leverage data in transforming every aspect of modern society, a team of visionaries came together to form A3Cube, one of the […]

Gina Rivera Celebrity Hairstylist & Founder Phenix Salon Suites.
Gina Rivera: Blending Creative Collaboration with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Technology is taking the business models to the next levels. It plays a valuable role in any business. Business leaders can take their businesses to […]

Manju Mastakar Director Armstrong Capital & Financial Services Pvt Ltd.
Manju Mastakar: Meticulous Approach Towards Business.

It is about time when you need to start thinking about your finances. So, what do you do? You could try doing some online research, […]

Paige Arnof-Fenn Founder & CEO Mavens & Moguls.
Paige Arnof-Fenn: An Astute Maven and Mogul Leading by Example.

An avid entrepreneur, a shrewd marketer, and an adept writer, Paige Arnof-Fenn is an epitome of a visionary leadership. Everything she does as the Founder […]

Stephanie LaTorre: Ensuring Business Growth by Creating Beautiful Websites.

Courage is the first step towards the success and in entrepreneurship it is essential one. A precise example of previous statement is Stephanie LaTorre, an […]

Audrey Sommerfeld: Committed to Helping People Live Healthier Lives.

It is believed that when passion meets purpose, great things occur. A perfect epitome of this belief is Audrey Sommerfeld. Combining her passion for making […]

Jillian Weston: A Digital Marketing Expert Helping Local Businesses and Communities to Grow.

The current situation of the world has brought the uncertainty for businesses and many businesses are fighting to survive. Thus, a strong and an effective […]

Luciana Corwin: Delivering Budget Minded & Uniquely Designed Creative Solutions to Clients.

To be in residential and interior design industry is a lot of work and many times can be stressful. It takes passion, determination, and perseverance […]