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The Most Inspiring Women in Business 2019

Judy Davies: Pushing Boundaries and Instilling Entrepreneurial Style

Being an exemplary entrepreneur is about going beyond the normal thought process and leading by example. To do this, one has to tap all available talents, skills, abilities and resources. Inspiring business leaders stimulate the minds and hearts of co-workers, cultivate corporate intelligence and encourage optimal performance while directing the overall growth of the business. Judy Davies is one such inspiring business woman, contributing through the role of Vice President of Global Marketing Communications at Advantest………
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Inspiring Women of the Year

Rose Bentley: Combining Excellence with Proficiency to Achieve Success

Women are making their marks in every business sector. Their commitment and dedication have helped them to overcome great odds and make beacon for all those to follow. Their success stories are exemplifying varying degrees of hardship and success. One such example of leadership is presented by Rose Bentley, Chief of Staff at Teradata Corporation………..
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The 10 Most Inspiring Women in Business 2019

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