The Most Inspiring Women in Business 2019

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Judy Davies | Vice President of Global Marketing Communications | Advantest

Judy Davies: Pushing Boundaries and Instilling Entrepreneurial Style

Being an exemplary entrepreneur is about going beyond the normal thought process and leading by example. To do this, one has to tap all available talents, skills, abilities and resources. Inspiring […]

Project Listings

Assertive Leadership: Tips for Millennial Women in Business

“To be passive is to let others decide for you. To be aggressive is to decide for others. To be assertive is to decide for […]

Establishing Gender Equilibrium

At the top “It’s all about finding someone’s strengths. Women don’t outperform men and vice versa. But I won’t deny that it takes a lot of discipline to […]

Ms. Nin Desai | President & CEO | NIN.VC
Success in the Venture World

As of 2017, 6% of the venture capitalists were women and only 2.7% women owned businesses received venture capital funding. Being a VC in this […]

Pam Bateson | Founder | Zinnia Consulting
What a Tech CEO can Tech Your Business about Digital

Pam Bateson set up Thrive Partners, an on demand coaching company, three years ago. In this article, she shares her point of view on how […]

Tessa Clarke | Co-Founder & CEO | OLIO
How to Do Your Best Work When You’re Not Actually Working!

Maintaining A Personal and Professional Life Balance In my role as chief evangeliser for OLIO – the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app – I speak about […]

Cindy Hollar | CEO | TE21
Cindy Hollar: Committed to Improving Student Achievement

Cindy Hollar, former CEO at TE21, spends her days thinking about children. Now a vice president at Certica Solutions—the company that acquired TE21 in April—Cindy […]

Kirsten Bay | CEO & Co-founder | Cysurance
Kirsten Bay: A Trailblazer in Cyber Security

Kirsten Bay is the CEO and Co-founder at Cysurance. She has created Cysurance with the concept to change how small businesses think about and mitigate […]

Nicole Martin | CEO | HRBoost LLC.
Nicole Martin: Empowering Businesses with Astounding Human Resource Management

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO, of HRBoost, LLC., Nicole Martin, sheds light on the company’s cutting-edge solutions based on strategic HR leadership and the latest thinking in […]

Trina Watt | Founder | Watt Knowledge
Trina Watt: Providing Technical Marketing for Technical Companies

Businesses run by women continue to be the shining light in the present market. The recent Global Entrepreneurship Summits are testimony to the fact that more women are playing an […]

Victoria Lennox | President & Co-founder | Startup Canada
Victoria Lennox: A Management Doyen with Exceptional Entrepreneurship Skills

Vision, courage, perseverance, and resilience are the most essential skills to determine the potential of a business leader. Being a business person means that one has to […]

Rose Bentley | Chief of Staff | Teradata Corporation
Rose Bentley: Combining Excellence with Proficiency to Achieve Success

Women are making their marks in every business sector. Their commitment and dedication have helped them to overcome great odds and make beacon for all […]

Celia Pool | Co-founder | DAME
Rethinking the Products of Today for Better Tomorrow

The world is finally waking up to the single-use plastic crisis. Over the last 10 years we have created more plastic than the whole of […]