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Andy Khawaja: Saving Humanity

“Many people will doubt you and what you can accomplish – especially when it comes to innovation. They are quick to believe that things are […]

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Jeanniey Walden | Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer | Dailypay
6 Ways to Ensure Your On-Demand Pay Program is a Success

As we continue to navigate “the new normal,” many companies are working overtime to save on time and cost in order to make up for […]

Fritz Zerweck: A Successful Business Leader

Whether you are a corporate traveler or a private vacationer: everybody is looking for the best hotel at the lowest price. As a specialist for […]

Marc Rippen | President & Founder | Alertgy
Marc Rippen: A Proficient Leader Transforming the World of Diabetes Management

One catastrophic incident or a tragedy can change someone’s life. The story of Marc Rippen is a striking instance of this. Marc found her wife […]

Seemant Sehgal | Founder & CEO | BreachLock Inc.
Seemant Sehgal: Harmonizing Knowledge, Efforts, and Decisions with Business Needs

A clear vision is one of the most important attributes a leader can have. This vision allows a leader to inspire change while driving a […]

Sheri Atwood | Founder & CEO | SupportPay
Sheri Atwood: Making Children’s Lives Better

Raising children is not an easy task. It is essential to take care of children especially in their upbringing years. It is essential to provide […]

Tarcisio Vergani | CEO | N-& Group Ltd.
Tarcisio Vergani: When Innovation Meets Technical Excellence

When the lines of innovation, technology, and business are intersected, great results are achieved. N- and Group Ltd. is the result of one such intersection. […]

Gary Olson | CEO & Co-founder | GT Digital
Gary Olson: A Go-to Expert in Almost any Industry

A comfortable level of communication between business units, stakeholders, senior management, finance, and technology groups delivers tangible results. A common understanding of goals promotes clear […]