Cover Story

Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Provost & CAO at Oral Roberts University

Dr. Kathaleen Reid-Martinez: Leading Change in Higher Education

Undoubtedly, the education sector was one of the Umost affected by COVID-19, not disregarding the impact on the healthcare community, industries, and the public worldwide. […]

Project Listings

Carol Stewart, Associate VP of Tech Parks Arizona at the University of Arizona
Carol Stewart: A Pioneer in the Research Park World

With an enriching experience of working with research parks, technology commercialization, business incubation, governmental relations, and business development, proactive leader Carol Stewart leads by example. […]

Elif Köse, Founder of Elif Köse Fashion House
Elif Köse: Empowering Women Through Fashion

People talk about clothing, new trends, or celebrities at the MET gala whenever the word fashion comes up in a conversation. Most of the time, […]

Ilana Devillers, Founder of Food4All
Ilana Devillers: A Trailblazer Preserving the Environment by Reducing Food Wastage

Our planet has been in shambles for several years, several factors affect the environment’s sustainability, and now food waste is also becoming a concerning issue […]

Kc Rossi, Mindset & Self-Leadership Coach at Kc Rossi, Inc.
Kc Rossi: Supporting Holistic Entrepreneurs Scale a Profitable and Soul-Aligned Business

When you start your journey as an entrepreneur, many things do not go your way. You are challenged continuously at every step of your entrepreneurial […]

Kimberly Stuck, CEO & Founder of Allay Consulting LLC
Kimberly Stuck: Educating and Spreading Awareness About Cannabis

There have been several misconceptions about cannabis and psilocybin in the past few years. However, some states have legalized the use of these by studying […]

Lauren Kriner, VP of Business Development at Capitol Construction Services Inc
Lauren Kriner: An Unmatched Sales and Marketing Professional

Whenever an opportunity stands ahead of women, they take it to great heights. They always bring a new perspective, a problem-solving approach, and an innovative […]

Ronda Landa | Sales Director | First American Title
Ronda Landa: A Trailblazer Enabling Various Aspects of Business

A great business leader is sculpted by their unconventional methods of handling hurdles, distinct approach, adaptability to the situations, and zeal to transform with the […]

Lanette Richardson | Founder & President | Utah Women in Sales
Lanette Richardson: Helping Individuals Become More Innovative, Ambitious, and Well-Connected

The leaders who set an inspiring example in front of others are the ones who lead by example. With just their actions and ability to […]