The 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2021 August2021

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Precious Mayes | President & Chief Executive Officer | PHV

Precious Mayes: Bringing an Innovative Approach to Healthcare Arena

Anything is possible if one has got enough nerves. Such is the thought process of exceptional business leaders. Exceptional business leaders trust their abilities and […]

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Judith Virag | Founder | Clean Club Calgary
Judith Virag: Challenging Today’s Perceptions of Cleaning

Cleanliness is prerequisite for all goodness, as it is one of the most fundamental aspects in ensuring good health of everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic has […]

Marceline Beijer | Global Brand Leader | ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions RPO
Marceline Beijer: Leading by Walking the Talk and Delivering Strategic Value to Customers

Exemplary leaders set the standards for everyone else through their attitude, behavior, talents, and skills. They demonstrate excellence in all that they do. They lead […]

Katie Neilson | Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer | Assure
Katie Neilson: Driving Investment in Startups by Providing Simplicity, Transparency, and Affordability to Funding Process

Today, women-led businesses are seeing significant breakthroughs in the corporate world. With their unconventional approaches, women are continuing to be the shining light in the […]

Rada Doytcheva | Principal & Head of Design | RADA Architects Ltd.
Rada Doytcheva: She has been called “Fearless” – The Woman Architect Changing People’s Lives for the Better

Women are seen to be conquering every field, architecture industry being one of them. With their keen sense of creativity and design, women are transforming […]

Adriana Arvizo | External Communications Manager | Comcast
Adriana Arvizo: Leading with Empathy

In the current business world, where employees are navigating their personal and professional challenges occurred due to pandemic, empathy is a powerful tool to forge […]

Phoebe Wasfy | Principal | Philopateer Christian College
Phoebe Wasfy: Preparing Well-Rounded Leaders of Tomorrow

Youths of today are the future of tomorrow. It is of utmost importance to inculcate good values in the youths of today to create responsible […]

Jeanne Travis of J Robbins Enterprises
Jeanne Travis: Helping Companies Unlock their Potential

If we are smart enough to recognize opportunities, then there are plenty of ways to make a significant difference. To thrive in the world of […]

Natasha Feghali Feghali Group Inc
Natasha E. Feghali: Dedicated to Education and Entrepreneurship

There’s no doubt in how women have made the remarkable progress in heading the companies in every sector. With their exemplary leadership skills, they have […]

Marisa Elizundia | Creator | Emotional Salary Barometer
Marisa Elizundia: A Courageous Leader Redefining Thoughts About Work

Numerous individuals in recent times tend to give their best at their workplace to get successful results, but often it isn’t the case; at times, […]