The 10 Most Innovative Robotics Process Automation Companies of 2019

Cover Story

Oded Karev, General Manager of Advanced Process Automation Solutions, NICE RPA

Building Tomorrow’s Solutions and it’s NICE

With the intent of providing a personal robot for every employee and pushing up the scale of process automation, NICE RPA came into existence. NICE has been active […]

Project Listings

Gina Gray | Commercial Director | Celaton
Celaton: The Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence

Celaton is a UK based Intelligent Process Automation solution provider, that deploys its technology, inSTREAM™, to deliver Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With Celaton’s inSTREAM  platform, companies […]

DigiBlu: The Digital Workforce of the Future

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that mimics human workers in conducting routine rulesbased activities. It automates tasks by interacting with any application or system using non-invasive techniques, without […]

Ron Cameron | CEO | KnowledgeLake
KnowledgeLake: Assisting RPA to Achieve Success

Enable our customers to reach their full potential by serving them with innovative document technologies.” This is the vision of KnowledgeLake, a software company that focuses 100% on innovating […]