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Sewtec has a global reputation for solving highly complex problems, being a natural innovator and providing excellent customer experience.

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SEWTEC Automation: Problem-solving Robotics for FMCG Manufacturers

Specialist UK robotics company Sewtec began life 120 years ago as the machine design department of the historic US sewing machine manufacturer, the Singer Corporation. Today it is a problem solver called on to devise bespoke robotics solutions for blue chip FMCG giants. Insights Success asked managing director, Mark Cook, about the impact of automation on the manufacturing sector and Sewtec’s ambitious strategy for growth in the coming years………..
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The 10 Most Innovative Robotics Companies to Watch 2018

Andrei Danescu | Co-founder & CEO | BotsAndUs - Insights Success

BotsAndUs: Robots to Revolutionize Customer Services

Robotics and artificial intelligence are two of the most exciting scientific and business sectors today because of the immense promise they hold for bringing improvements to our lives. Robotics has virtually limitless potential to reduce human toil and speed...
Martin Frost | Co-founder & CEO | CMR Surgical - Insights Success

CMR Surgical: A Precise Robotic Solution for Minimal Access Surgery

The area of robotics is one of the most exciting in the technological space. We are only just beginning to appreciate the opportunities presented to almost every sector by such innovations. One arena where...
Eran Meller | Co-founder & CEO | Ecoppia - Insights Success

Ecoppia: Empowering Solar with Ground-Breaking PV Cleaning Solution

Whether you own a home, run a business, or manage a large property – there are many important advantages of installing solar energy panels on your property. Thus, energy companies across the world are developing large scale solar...
Marina Umaschi Bers | Founder | Mitch Rosenberg | Founder & CEO | KinderLab Robotics - Insights Success

KinderLab Robotics: Making STEM/STEAM Education Playful and Fun

Technological advancements are enticing the next generation like nothing else. Be it the Internet, advanced gadgets like smartphones, laptops, or robots, technology is capable of transforming everyone’s lives. These advancements are revolutionizing each and every sector. Economically dominant and continually...
Penguin ASI | Dr. Greg Baiden | Founder & CEO - Insights Success

Penguin ASI: Delivering an Exceptional Robotic System to the Mining Industry

Deemed to be the future of technological revolution, the emergence of robots has enlightened numerous arenas with its fascinating multitudinous benefits. Be it a social platform or completely commercial industry, robotics has had significant impact on it and...

Unify Simplify

Gonzague Gridel | CEO | MIP Robotics - Insights Success

How to Make Robotics Accessible to All Industrial Companies

In the industrial world, despite major progresses in recent years, many production tasks are still repetitive, painful, dangerous and without added value. These working conditions very often cause musculoskeletal disorders, high turnover and absenteeism,...

Digitech Insider

Michael Haas | Vice President | FerRobotics INC - Insights Success

Add perfect feeling to your robot and boost your production with IoT

Industrial robots are blind, deaf and insensitive. They show a characteristic of an inelastic and stiff behaviour without any environment feedback. Due to this characteristic, in case of physical contact, high forces occur. These may...

Expert’s Foresight

Daghan Cam | Co-founder & CEO | Ai Build - Insights Success

Beyond Automation: AI powered Autonomous Factories of the Future

Rise of the industrial robots in 1980s led to a major evolution of Henry Ford’s assembly line concept. Routine tasks that were being handled by factory workers started to be performed by robots with...

Future Bots

Future of Robotics [ Insights Success ]

Catching-up with Robotics for Better Future

Robots have always been pictured as a man-made advanced technological creativity, which do and will favor the human species for future. As robotics is vibrantly globalized, soon it will be mainstreamed in various fields...

Robo Arena

Robo Arena - Insights Success

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Today’s Time

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging process of automation technology based on the impression of software robots and artificial intelligence workers. It is a form of automation which has been positioned under the...

Editor’s Viewpoint

Editor's Viewpoint - Insights Success

How Technology is Driving Procurement?

Acquiring or buying goods, services and work often via tendering or competitive bidding process is known as procurement. Corporate and public sectors unit seeks it to be a fair and open competition process of...