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Dr. Peter Hostettler | Chairman of the Board | Dr. Gery Colombo | CEO Hocoma | Mattias Jorg | Head of Electronic Engineering | Hocoma - Insights Success

Hocoma: Defining Rehabilitation of Tomorrow

Frustrated with the inefficient manual gait therapy of the early 1990s, a young engineering student decided to build a robot to do the heavy lifting […]

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Michael Haas | Vice President | FerRobotics INC - Insights Success
Add perfect feeling to your robot and boost your production with IoT

Industrial robots are blind, deaf and insensitive. They show a characteristic of an inelastic and stiff behaviour without any environment feedback. Due to this characteristic, […]

Danny Ellis | CEO & Founder | SkySpecs - Insights Success
Future Face of Robotics

Fear and disbelief have characterized the way in which many think about robots, but as they become more of a reality, excitement and a sense […]

Robo Arena - Insights Success
Benefits of Robotic Process Automation in Today’s Time

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging process of automation technology based on the impression of software robots and artificial intelligence workers. It is a […]

Omer David Keilaf | CEO & Co-Founder | Innoviz Technologies - Insights Success
Innoviz Technologies: Innovating Distance Measuring Technology

Innoviz Technologies offers game-changing LiDAR remote sensing solutions to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. The Israel-based company was founded in January 2016 by […]

Dipesh Mukerji | VP Marketing & Strategy | Kingstar - insights Success
KINGSTAR: The All-in-One Software Platform for PLC, Motion Control & Machine Vision

In this era of rapid technological advancement, there is a dire need for cost-effective solutions for PLC, motion control and machine vision that do not […]

The Advanced Diversity Due to Super Intelligent Machines - Insights Success
The Advanced Diversity Due to Super Intelligent Machines

In order to build effectual robots that can carry out useful work in unstructured environments; the robotics companies are focusing towards new approaches and extended […]

Jonathan Zornow | Founder | Sewbo - Insights Success
Sewbo: Meet the Garment-Sewing Robot That Disrupted the Textile Industry

The apparel industry — one of the world’s biggest manufacturing sectors — remains totally dependent on manual labor. The last time any technology significantly overhauled […]

Jean-Christophe Zufferey | Co-founder CEO | senseFly. Insights Success
senseFly: The prominent leaders in providing the best-in-class drone solutions

With an aim to simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data in surveying, agriculture and engineering, senseFly, the commercial drone subsidiary of Parrot Group, […]

Ben Huigenbos | President | BOS Innovations - Insights Success
BOS Innovations: A Revolutionary Automation Solutions Provider

BOS Innovations is an industrial automation solution provider which aims at assisting companies to reach greater productivity and profitability through machine building and integration of […]