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Choice Energy Services leads its clients through the entire procurement process; from identification of the opportunity, through the bid process, to contract negotiation and execution

Cover Page - The 10 Most Innovative Procurement Solution Providers 2017 September2017 - Insights Success

Choice Energy Services Retail LP: Delivering Financial Efficiencies Related to Energy and Sustainability.

Notorious for being unstable and unpredictable, managing an energy portfolio can be a complex endeavor for any organization. Energy plays a vital role in any company’s success, but the unprecedented fluctuation in global, and more so regional, energy prices has intensified the need for a quality energy procurement expertise like never before. Extracting the highest value from every energy dollar requires a thorough procurement strategy tailored to meet the needs of each client; a concrete understanding of both the global………………..
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Company Of The Month

Rui Dias - Ferreir | Founder & CEO | Vortal - Insights Success

VORTAL: eProcurement Solutions that Brings Value to both Buyers and Suppliers

The relationship between buyers and suppliers in procurement industry has always been tumultuous at best. There is a lack of realization among both parties concerning their need for each other………………..
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The 10 Most Innovative Procurement Solution Providers 2017

Mark Schwerzel | Deputy CEO | Bureau van Dijk - Insights Success

Bureau van Dijk: Curbing Uncertainty by Delivering Information

Information is transforming our economy, society and the business landscape in ways that we cannot fully comprehend or realize. Information affects decision-making, behavioral traits, and outcomes, and businesses need solutions that add value to...
James Samuels | Co-founder & CEO | Claritum - Insights Success

Claritum: Driving A New Wave of Easy-to-use Procurement Products

Procurement of relatively low cost, unpredictable products and services is still highly manual, inefficient, and error-prone. Typical procurement solutions focus on strategic procurement within large enterprises, whereas there is a significant demand for easy-to-use...
Austin Dirks | Founder & CEO | GreenLight Medical - Insights Success

GreenLight Medical: An All-in-one Cloud Software for Hospital Value Analysis

The concept of Physician Preference Items (PPI) has been the lifeblood of clinical value analysis for many years. It has dominated the Interventional and Perioperative worlds as often the largest expense in the acquisition of...
Phillip De Jager | Founder & CEO | Inspired Change Solutions - Insights Success

Inspired Change Solutions: Developing Customized Solutions for Clients

With its resolute focus on consulting in business process re-engineering and automation, Inspired Change Solutions (ICS) was founded back in 2002. From its very inception, the company realized that information technology can have a great impact on the productivity of companies and...
Lee Eden | Founder | Kg3 - Insights Success

kg3: Freight Procurement Solutions that Achieve Maximum Cost-Savings

There still seems to be a lot of paperwork involved in the transportation industry and much less usage of technology then one would expect, especially in commercial business processes, which are still largely performed...
Elizabeth Iorns | Co-Founder & CEO | Science Exchange - Insights Success

Science Exchange: An Innovative and Secure Platform for Outsourced Research and Development

The world relies upon the brainpower of scientists to discover and develop novel and innovative products. However, there are pressing operational challenges that scientists face, including R&D productivity issues. Companies have explored a myriad...
Dilip Dubey | Founder & CEO | Xeeva - Insights Success

Xeeva: A Global Provider of Intelligent Cloud-based Procurement Software

Procurement’s significance as a key business process has expanded profoundly in recent times. Initially, procurement began as an approach to incorporate purchasing into supply chain management amid a period when most large organizations were...

CXO Standpoint

Donovan Chan | Creative Director | Beach House Pictures - Insights Success

Technology Innovation: An indispensable factor in business

We used to say that the storytelling business is all about the people. Talents from different fields – writing, producing, editing, the list goes on – come together to craft amazing video content that...

Editor’s Viewpoint

Editor's Viewpoint - Insights Success

How Technology is Driving Procurement?

Acquiring or buying goods, services and work often via tendering or competitive bidding process is known as procurement. Corporate and public sectors unit seeks it to be a fair and open competition process of...

Industry Perspective

Industry Perspective - Insights Success

How Implementation of Procurement Impacts the Supply Chain Excellence

Procurement is an important concept as it is the process of finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods and services or works from an external source, mostly via competitive bidding process. The process in procurement is used to...