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Choice Energy Services leads its clients through the entire procurement process; from identification of the opportunity, through the bid process, to contract negotiation and execution.

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Choice Energy Services Retail LP: Delivering Financial Efficiencies Related to Energy and Sustainability.

Notorious for being unstable and unpredictable, managing an energy portfolio can be a complex endeavor for any organization. Energy plays a vital role in any company’s success, but the unprecedented fluctuation in global, and more so regional, energy prices has intensified the need for a quality energy procurement expertise like never before. Extracting the highest value from every energy dollar requires a thorough procurement strategy tailored to meet the needs of each client;…
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Rui Dias - Ferreir | Founder & CEO | Vortal - Insights Success

VORTAL: eProcurement Solutions that Brings Value to both Buyers and Suppliers

The relationship between buyers and suppliers in procurement industry has always been tumultuous at best. There is a lack of realization among both parties concerning their need for each other…
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The 10 Most Innovative Procurement Solution Providers 2017

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