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Alexander Ziff CEO & Co-Founder 3DCOMPARE

3DCOMPARE: A Blooming World-Leader in On-Demand Manufacturing

With technological advancement and innovations, 3D printing technology has found its applications in a wide variety of areas such as jet engines, advanced prosthetics, jewellery, […]

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Is the Single Brand Dead in MPS?

If you are an MPS provider, you may have realized the “single brand from a single vendor” solution is falling out of favor with end […]

Why 3D Printing Consumables Producers need to get involved in Printing Technologies?

“To sell the oil, give away the lamp!” This Chinese proverb already made sense thousands of years ago, when a certain wick sucked up oil […]

Alexis Rosado, President and Alex Rosado, VP, General Manager & CEO, 3A Press Corp
3A Press Corp: Achieving Excellence with Quality Investment

The printing industry has redefined every aspect of digital lifestyle with newer and innovative approaches. Founded in 1996 by Marie & Alex Rosado, 3A Press […]

DigitalAlloys: Refurbishing 3D Metal Printing with Advanced Technology

The adoption of current 3D metal printing technologies in production is limited by slow print speeds, high production costs, and complexity of achieving consistently high […]

Petricor: An Inspiring Trailblazer in the Field of 3D Printing

The techniques concerning 3D printing are becoming more innovative every day. Not that long ago, we thought that 3D printing would only involve plastics. Now […]

SpeedPro Imaging: Pioneering the World of Wide-format Printing

The print industry is continuing to move toward more digital options, with the emergence of newer and more advanced technology. Wide-format printing is the fastest […]