The 10 Most Innovative Pharma and Biotech Solution Providers, 2020

Cover Story

Song Li | Founder | Frontage Laboratories

Frontage Laboratories: Solving the Most Complex Drug Discovery Challenges

Frontage Laboratories, is a value-added partner with a focus on solving its customers’ most significant and complex drug discovery and development challenges. The organization’s scientific […]

Project Listings

Andreas Scherer | President & CEO | Golden Helix, Inc. - Insights Success
Golden Helix: Helping Researchers and Clinicians Understand the Role of CNVs in Human Health and Disease

Founded in 1998, Golden Helix is a global bioinformatics firm. Since foundation, the organization has accumulated a significant customer base and is currently working with more than 350 organizations—with […]

Scott Weidley | CEO & Co-founder | ClinCapture
ClinCapture: A Sweeping Wave of Big Data Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A Few years ago, Mckinsey Global Institute estimated that the application of big-data strategies to improve decision making was capable of generating over $100 billion […]

Jim Kaskade | CEO | Janrain
Janrain: Pioneering Digital Identity Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Founded in 2002, Janrain pioneered Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and is widely recognized by industry analysts as a global CIAM leader. Janrain is […]

Peachtree BioResearch Solutions: Determined to Deliver Flexible, Reliable and Scalable Clinical Development Services

The challenges in the pharma industry continue to rise. Declining R&D productivity coupled with the need for increasingly complex head-to-head clinical trials to prove superiority […]

Jenny Lin | Chief Operating Officer & Board Member | CMIC Inc.
CMIC Inc.: Leading Treasure in Healthcare Industry Especially in Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceutical sector is blooming at subsequently than ever being imagined. And only few companies proved themselves worthy of it. Meet CMIC, Inc., a leading CRO […]

Roy Farfara | MD, Founder & CTO | Triox Nano
Triox Nano: Pioneers in point of care programmable medicine! Presenting the next healthcare revolution!

In an interview with Insights Success, Triox Nano’s management describes its impeccable journey to become the first biotech company to develop a modular programmed drug […]

Jan Miotto | President | Metrendalytics
METRENDALYTICS: Combining Knowledge and Technology to Bring Efficiency in Business

Metrendalytics was founded by scientists, for scientists. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions which provide a consolidated view of all of one’s operational data—whatever […]