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Imagine!: Leading the Industry in Innovation & Creativity

In today’s fast-paced, evolving world, both marketplace and industry are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways to engage with consumers. Consumers are increasingly demanding products, services, and spaces to be more tightly focused around their personal lifestyle and interests, driving retailers, entertainment providers, and service industries to respond with more personalized and relevant marketing and merchandising. With this direct correlation between consumer experience and brand loyalty, balancing consumer expectations, brand image, and budget has become a real challenge for marketers…………….
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The 10 Most Innovative Merchandising Solution Providers 2017

Christopher B. Munday | Chairman & CEO | 2020 Companies - insights Success

2020 Companies: The Premier Brand behind Every Brand

A consumer electronics company wanted to gain insight into why and how it was being outperformed by the competition at home improvement and appliance retailers. The firm that the client chose to identify shortcomings,...
Martin Basiri | CEO & Co-founder | ApplyBoard - Insights Success

ApplyBoard: Connecting Students to their Dream School in less than 60 Seconds

It’s easy to have a limited view of the world we live in, but international education can relieve you of this. There are many personal benefits of studying abroad, and ways to grow both...
Geoff Watts & Julia Fowler | Co-Founders | EDITED - Insights Success

EDITED: The Real-time Analytics Platform

The merchandising industry is fast-paced and increasingly demanding; fulfilling customer expectations irrespective of shrinking products is a tough ask. Thus, analytical insights about product opportunities and market trends are essential to flourish in the...
James Frasier | Vice President of Customer Success | GreenMile - Insights Success

GreenMile: Advanced Cloud-based Technology for Merchandising

An essential factor to having an effective merchandising program is ensuring that merchandising services take place at an appropriate time and for a suitable duration.  GreenMile is a leading cloud-based platform and mobile solutions...
Liad Biton | CEO & Co-founder | LivePOS -Insights Success

LivePOS: Hybrid Cloud POS Software Solution with Multi-store and Access Levels

The SaaS market is surging ahead with organizations exploring various functions in several software categories. Add to these, established players are actively securing and incorporating the most promising new services and CSBs are simplifying...
Kishore Rajgopal | Founder & CEO | NextOrbit - Insights Success

NextOrbit: Building the Perfect AI Universe for Retailers and Brands

Have you ever stopped at a red light despite no visible signs of any vehicles in your vicinity? Have you ever been annoyed by people who do? In hindsight, it is amusing to see...

Expert’s Opinion

Donovan Chan | Creative Director | Beach House Pictures - Insights Success

Technology Innovation: An indispensable factor in business

We used to say that the storytelling business is all about the people. Talents from different fields – writing, producing, editing, the list goes on – come together to craft amazing video content that...

Mentor’s Perspectives

IoT Business will boost the Economy in the Next Decades

By José Antônio Scodiero, Director, Founding Partner of Fast Company Brazil The world of the Internet of Things promises to be the main engine of the global economy in the next years. In developing...

Customer ‘N’ ovation

customergcyngcoovation - Insights Succss

Should Innovation be Customer-driven?

If Henry Ford had questioned people what they wanted, would they really have said ‘faster horses’? In the realms of business and innovation, Henry Ford was one of the world’s greatest innovators and a quotable aristocrat. Perhaps the most...

The Astute Panal

The Astute Panel - Insights Success

Innovation: The Catalyst in Human Evolution

Where We Came From The stroke of a rock against another rock gave early humans the idea of stone tools. Man started designing stone tools for hunting, farming and even for protection against wild animals....