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Cover Page | The 10 Most Innovative Media & Entertainment Companies 2018 [ Insights Success ]

Social Media 55: Marketing your Social Presence to the World

Owned and operated by a young yet seasoned industry veteran, Joseph Rothstein, Social Media 55 (SM55) focuses on strategies for marketing and advertising across North America. Positive results and client satisfaction have propelled the company to grow into a respected and trusted brand within their space. The company has laid down a strong foundation based on a focused team of professionals that remain abreast of the ever-changing marketplace and adapt strategies accordingly, keeping them ahead of the curve.
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The 10 Most Innovative Media & Entertainment Companies 2018

Lawnmence Wong | CEO | Cleverus Consulting [ Insights Success ]

CLEVERUS CONSULTING: A Fast Track to Success

Digital transformations are driving every sector with an unmatched speed. Social media has been one of the greatest evolutions of the century. It has revolutionized our way of communication, advertising and the entire market landscape. Owing to this booming...
Gary Olson | Founder & President | GHO Group Consulting [ Insights Success ]

GHO Group: Where Technology Meets Opportunity

Almost every business sector including entertainment, education, training, communication and security is revolutionizing due to the emergence of multimedia platforms. These new technology platforms showcase the demand for an expert media solution provider. The broadcast and media industry is constantly evolving. It...
Jon Oringer | Founder & CEO | Shutterstock [ Insights Success ]

Shutterstock: A Unique Global Creative Platform

The evolution of digital content across all industries from health care and finance to publishing and education has increased market competition and prompted companies to modernize communication systems and processes. Most businesses understand the importance of a creative platform with the tools that...
Michael Litt | Co-founder | CEO | Vidyard [ Insights Success ]

Vidyard: Creating Seamless Possibilities through Video

Vidyard is a next generation video platform that is helping businesses drive more revenue, boost employee engagement, and create new areas of competitive advantage through the strategic use of online video. Designed to go beyond traditional video hosting and management,...
Shawn Alain | President | Viral In Nature [ Insights Success ]

Viral In Nature: Simple, Straightforward, Effective Social Media Management

Social media has completely changed the way we interact and share ideas, how we influence others, and how we allow ourselves to be influenced. It is the tool of choice for world leaders, governments, major corporations, celebrities, and...
Mark Grether | CEO | Sizmek [ Insights Success ]

Sizmek: Creating Impressions that Inspires

An incredible amount of research, planning, and resources go into every ad that we see. Teams of advertising professionals, assisted by immensely powerful computers equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) contribute to its creation, then...
Richard Stephenson | YUDU [ Insights Success ]

YUDU: Reforming Digital Publishing and Crisis Management

The Media and Entertainment Industry has displayed evident growth globally, since its commencement. The advent of innovative technologies and their pioneers in this industry and subsequent disciplines has catapulted its development. YUDU is one...

Leadership Viewpoint

Dave Gullo | Co-Founder & CTO | VideoAmp [ Insights Success ]

How VideoAmp Evolved The Company Culture And Process To Increase The Number Of Engineers...

VideoAmp turns 4 years old this month.  So many memories, and so much growth. Let’s reflect on some of the worst decisions and associated learnings that have been fundamental to our growth. Why the...

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Media Industry and its’ Digital Transformation- Insights Success

Media Industry and its’ Digital Transformation

Once there was a time when the question was “Will the media industry get digitally transformed?”, but the scenario has changed now. The question today is “How will the transformation take place?” and “How...

Virtualizing Business

Virtualizing Business [ Insights Success ]

Virtual Reality: Providing a New Outlook to Traditional Businesses

“VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all time. ” —Palmer Luckey Virtual reality (VR) has been around...