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Cover Page - The 10 Most Innovative Media and Entertainment Companies 2017 June 2017- Insights Success

eyebase: Rather than Searching for Your Media Assets, Find them!

Has maintaining your assets become a struggle? Wouldn’t you love to have a media-suite that could perfectly optimize your media processes? You don’t need to look any further: eyebase mediasuite DAM system is the best solution there is. eyebase’s mediasuite DAM optimizes media processes in a wide range of industries. They have been providing the best DAM (Digital Asset Management) services for commercial photographers………………
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The 10 Most Innovative Media and Entertainment Companies 2017

Morgan Tucker | VP of Product | IMVU - Insights Success

IMVU: Express Yourself with the Most Innovative 3D Chat and Dress-Up Community

IMVU, a Silicon Valley-based company is revolutionizing the way we socialize and paving the way towards the future of social media. The days are gone when text messages and video chats were the only ways to...
Charlie Nooney | Chairman & CEO | MobiTV - Insights Success

MobiTV: The Future of TV is Here

Media consumption across the world is increasing daily for digital formats. The increase in the number of devices that are capable of streaming digital media in tandem with better internet speed has provided consumers...
Jordan Passman | Founder & CEO | Score A Score - Insights Success

SCORE A SCORE: Connecting Composers with Paying Gigs

Jordan Passman, CEO & Founder had yet to decide what to do with his career when an idea hit him. An idea for a website that would match composers with paying gigs from advertising...
Joe Britton | CEO | SearchMarketers - Insights Success

SearchMarketers: An Internet Marketing Consultancy you want to Work with

In today’s digital world, if you own a company, you need to have a website, regardless of the size of your company. But the real catch here is, just having a website doesn’t guarantee...
Michael Litt | Co-Founder & CEO | Vidyard - Insights Success

Vidyard: A Trusted Name for Online Video Strategic Solutions

In today’s world, there is hardly anyone who is unaware of the terms or usage of “Online Video.” Let it be the US scenario or Global, the picture is similar everywhere. The world has...

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Gaurav Sharma | Founder & Owner | 3 Elements Events - Insights Success

Technology Transforming Event Industry

In today’s world, technology has made many changes to different spheres of life, one such change can be seen in the event industry, the industry which is booming rapidly, the latest technology has made...
Himanshu Arora | Co-founder | Social Panga - Insights Success

Entertainment and Media – Embracing Digital

Television and Newspapers have been the primary source of content consumption for viewers and a primary marketing and advertising channel for organizations because of their unmatched ability to reach out to large audiences. The...

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Media Industry and its’ Digital Transformation- Insights Success

Media Industry and its’ Digital Transformation

Once there was a time when the question was “Will the media industry get digitally transformed?”, but the scenario has changed now. The question today is “How will the transformation take place?” and “How...

Media Insider

The Future Trends in VFX Industry - Insights Success

The Future Trends in VFX Industry

Have you ever been fascinated by films like Transformers, Deadpool, Captain America, Spiderman, etc.? Then you must know that a number of Visual Effects are used in these films. Now the VFX industry is...


Modern Media- The Forum for Today’s Networked Society - Insights Success

Modern Media- The Forum for Today’s Networked Society

Changing time is changing the picture of media that we presume; evolved from back seat to front seat. The roots of media are deeper than we think; it’s almost the essential need of a...