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IoT: The Next Big Thing

It is quite evident that the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing and growing at an ascending rate. RFID sensors, Wearable gadgets, Vehicles and software […]

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IoT Decelerate the Climate Change? | Insights Success
How can IoT Decelerate the Climate Change?

The relation between technology and the environment of our planet is very old. The time has come to turn everything in the surrounding eco-friendly. IoT […]

Envio Systems: Revolutionizing How People Interact with Infrastructure

Founded in Alberta, Canada in 2013, Envio Systems is now a Berlin-based Industrial IoT startup that is enabling the upgrade of new or legacy equipment using sensor, automation, and artificial […]

Otonomo: Providing Refined Data Access Globally

Currently, the automotive industry is experiencing a revolution through digital transformations. It is crossing the edge of reinvention. Under the hood, the Internet of things (IoT) is an engine that drives […]

reelyActive: Delivering Behavior Measurement Globally

The amalgamation of Cloud and IoT has been radically transforming the digital era. Every appliance or device connected to the cloud is ultimately categorized under IoT. Putting to use, this amalgamation, […]

Viktor Ariel | CEO | SURE Universal | Insights Success
SURE Universal: Delivering Global Connectivity

This era of digital connectivity is incessantly evolving through an extensive exploration of the world of IoT. In the home, the ability to connect appliances and control them anytime and […]

SWIM.AI: Helping with Real-Time Edge Insights and Predictions

Back in 2015, a team of experienced entrepreneurs looking to usher in the next generation of smart, learning-based applications at the edge founded SWIM.AI. SWIM.AI’s software delivers rapid business and operational services […]

ico Steyn | CEO | Iot.nxt | Insights Success
Eminence at the Edge

Executive summary Since Internet of Things technology started to gain mainstream traction, multiple platforms, solutions and strategies have been developed. At the moment there are […]

Gianni Minetti | President & CEO | Paradox Engineering SA | Insights Success
Blockchain: The Next Opportunity for Better, Safer, Smarter Cities

Today, about 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, but this share is expected to increase to 68% by 2050. Combined with the […]

Elena Briola | VP Marketing | Cloud4Wi | Insights Success
Flexibility: Its Use and Abuse

Flexibility, defined as the ability to change business plans to account for changing conditions and new information, is essential. Being a flexible manager requires talent, […]

Dr. Mazlan Abbas | Co-founde | FAVORIOT | Insights Success
FAVORIOT: Making the World a Smarter Place

With more devices than ever connected to the internet and to each other, the world of networking today has progressed far beyond traditional human-to-machine communications. Everyday consumer objects are being turned into […]

The Universality of IoT Technology

“The gratifying tool for companies to lead ahead – IoT Technology” The Internet of things (IoT) is a revolutionary change for many sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, […]