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OtoNexus Medical Technologies: Bringing a Novel Approach in Assessing Middle Ear Infections

Medical research indicates that nearly 93% of children in America suffer at least one middle ear infection, which is severe enough to see a doctor. […]

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AseptiScope Inc.: Bringing Novel Solutions to Reduce the Risk of Healthcare Associated Infections

For the last several decades, the challenge of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has been growing. The risk of catching an infection while receiving healthcare treatments is […]

Khairnar Cleaning Services: Delivering Highest Quality Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Services

Cleanliness is the foundational pillar of good health. It is the most important aspect of living an infection-free life and staying away from diseases. A […]

Per Juul Nielsen | CEO | UVD Robots (a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics)
Blue Ocean Robotics: Developing Effective Robotics Technology for Healthcare Industry

The application of robotics has come a long way, and it has been spreading its roots further into several industries, making it a reliable source […]