The 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Solution Providers 2018 August2018

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Satish Kumar | CEO | Med A-Z | Insights Success

Med A-Z: A Novel Approach towards Improving Medical Business Processes

The technological revolution has emerged as an enabling factor in the development of almost every sector. On a similar note, the healthcare industry is facing […]

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Next Frontier of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry - Insights Success
The Next Frontier of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is passing through hopeful and turbulent times at the same time today. On one hand, the industry is facing rising opposition from […]

Paul Black | CEO & Board Member | Allscript | Insights Success
Allscripts: Building Open and Connected Communities of Health

Allscripts is a leader in healthcare information technology with a 30-year history of excellence. The company has a vision to build open and connected communities of health that […]

Dr. Nicolas Durand | Founder & CEO | Abionic SA
Abionic SA: Revolutionizing the World of In Vitro Diagnostics

In 2009, more than 100 million Europeans suffered from allergies. Ironically, the sharp rise in allergy-related conditions of recent decades can be traced back to improved hygiene. European […]

Josh Stein | Co-founder & CEO | AdhereTech | Insights Success
AdhereTech Assisting Patients to take Medications on Time

Sustenance of life has become a dire necessity in this era which has witnessed a myriad of lethal disease and other unpredictable natural instances. These instances have had […]

Dr. Hsing-Hen Chen | President & CEO | CereSoft
CereSoft: Energizing Healthcare Cash Flow

The healthcare sector is in a state of constant flux and institutions are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality patient results while also maintaining desired profit margins. They […]

Imran Deshmukh | CTO | Rob Tedesco | CEO | Josh Caggulia | CMO | NextShift | Insights Success
NextShift: Creating Better Healthcare

NextShift is a healthcare technology innovation company committed to better healthcare through revolutionary digital solutions developed with its clients and partners. NextShift’s comprehensive offerings are designed to simplify engagement and […]

Daniel A. Etra | Co-Founder & CEO | Rethink | Insights Success
Rethink: Empowering Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 6 children will be diagnosed with a developmental disability such as autism. This makes the condition more common […]

Nathan Rozenfold | CTO & Founder | eData Platform | Insights Success
eData Platform: The Future of Healthcare Software

For all the technological advances of recent times that continue to transform the way we live, work and interact, huge gaps in the quality and […]

Chocko Valliappa | CEO & Managing Director | Vee Technologies | Insights Success
Vee Technologies: Streamlined, Multi-faceted Healthcare Management in Your Hands

The repercussions of major healthcare policy changes over the past decade continue to buffet the healthcare services sector. There has been a domino effect on […]