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PayServ Systems: Wired Differently HCM Services. Designing, Onboarding, and Training to fit the Users’ Needs

As HCM industry is evolving, many clients wish to have the best of Human Capital Management Platform to ease their HR processes. It should be able to […]

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Importance of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Workplaces.

Diverse workplaces include employees from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical difference including but not limited to genders, ages, races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, languages, […]

The New Norm of Work is to Make Everyone Contributed.

The new must-haves for sustainable productivity in business, let alone retention of talent, include real advocacy for mental health and safety at the forefront. The […]

Qandle: Helping Organizations to Build Connected, Empowered, and Engaged Workplaces.

Human resource is the most important pillar for the successful growth of any organization. To ensure the smooth on-boarding of employees and resolving all their […]

Talegent: Proposing Best Assessments and Promoting Recruitment Efficiencies.

Together everyone achieves more. That’s the power of a team. By combining the efforts of resourceful people in the organization any organization can rise to […]