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Tzury Bar Yochay | Founder & CTO | Reblaze Technologies - Insights Success

Reblaze Technologies: Using the Cloud for Web Security

Hacking and breaches, denial-of-service attacks, data leaks… it seems that hardly a week goes by without some major security incident being reported. In 2017 alone, […]

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What Google Learned About Teams (and what leaders can do about it) By Patty McManus

Team members at Google are challenged in much the same way as nearly everyone else in corporate life. To get things done, they need to […]

the Future of Cloud Computing [ Insights Success ]
Why Cloud to Rule the Future?

Cloud Computing has surprised us by its vast uses and it is getting bigger and bigger. Take a few examples- Unlimited storage of the emails […]

Multiple Payment Options in Your Business | Insights Success
Why should You have Multiple Payment Options in Your Business?

As per a recent study, more than 50 percent of customer cancels their purchase if their preferred payment method is unavailable. Additionally, more than 40 […]

Amin Yazdani | Director | A. Y. Technologies - Insights Success
A.Y. Technologies: Garnering Efficiency through Simplicity and Clarity

Leading a simple life means constantly being in touch with our core elements. Similarly, when a project is being approached with certain notions, protocols and […]

Sammy Hsieh | CEO & Co - founder | iClick Interactive Asia Limited - Insights Success
iClick Interactive Asia Limited: Building a Digital Bridge To Connect The World to China

China is often referred to as the manufacturing hub of the world. Some people also believe that it is next superpower in making. However, there […]

Steven Hyde | Co - Founder | Ricky Solanki | Co - Founer | Push - Insights Success
Push: Chasing the Digital Oasis at Lightning Speed

Google and the digital medium has become a central hub for connecting with other people and forming real bonds, contrary to the traditional mainstream media. […]

Jan Sundelin | CEO | TIE Kinetix - Insights Success
TIE Kinetix: Delivering Google Solutions that Maximizes Revenue Opportunities for the Channel

TIE Kinetix, founded in 1987, has been transforming the digital supply chain for 30 years by providing solutions to automate business processes for sales, marketing […]

Masaki Kato | CEO | TOPGATE - Insights Success
TOPGATE: A GCP Partner that Shares the Same Goal as You

Google—the biggest giant in the world of internet, from its humble commencement with Google App Engine back in 2008—has grown its Google Cloud Platform into […]

Amiram Shachar | Chief Executive Officer | Spotnist - Insights Success
Using AI to Automatically Optimize Cloud Costs

The Birth of Cloud Computing Back in the early days of cloud computing, if we would tell you that every business and consumer would eventually […]

Asaf Zamir | CTO | Gilad Somjen | CEO | Cloud With Me - Insights Success
Cloud With Me: Making Cloud Technology Available for all

What if businesses could eliminate the complexities of internet based services to improve performance? What if it was possible for your employees to work from […]