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“Shaping the Future by solving complex business challenges with technology.”

Cover Page - The 10 Most Innovative Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers 2017 December 2017- Insights Success

Fingent Corp.: Delivering Sophisticated Solutions to Shape a Brighter Future

In recent years, with the emergence of advancing and disruptive technologies; the manner in which we work and where we work has changed forever. Our private files live securely in the cloud, our pockets are occupied with revolutionary devices, our transportation vehicles are no longer meant for only conveyance purposes, and our doubts concerning any information have an instant witness in the form of the internet. We are unchained from the monotonous work life in front of our desks, but are we more productive? The short answer would be, no!…………
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The 10 Most Innovative Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers 2017

Amit On | Founder & CEO | CallApp - Insights Success

CallApp: Helping Users to Identify More than 3 Billion Unknown Callers

With the growing usage of smartphones and internet, another nuisance is also growing simultaneously—calls from telemarketers and spam calls. To tackle this, CallApp has entered the foray by transforming the mobile communication experience with Universal Caller ID & Communication...
David Fuess | CEO | Catapult Systems- Insights Success

Catapult: Using Technology to Solve Business Challenges

Mobile technology is and will continue to be a key driver in innovation for almost all businesses in the coming years. It touches all aspects of business; from improving the customer experience to creating a modern workplace where...
Phil Hartstein | President & CEO | Finjan Mobile - Insights Success

Finjan Mobile: A Leader in Mobile Security Innovation

To understand what makes Finjan Mobile and its offerings unique, it is essential to know a bit about the history of its parent company, Finjan Holdings, Inc., a cybersecurity technology company with a rich 20-year history. Back...
Dimitry Malinsky | Co-Founder & CEO | Intratem - Insights Success

Intratem: A Comprehensive Mobile Solution Tailored to Fit Your Company’s Specific Goals

Mobility has allowed businesses to untether their employees and enable for never before seen freedom in operations. From the early days of Nextel to the current smartphone and wearable evolution, businesses are able to have workers be anywhere,...
Talal Choucair | Co-Founder & CEO | MyQuickCloud - Insights Success

MyQuickCloud: Delivering Secured & Affordable Remote Desktop Access Solution

Ever been at a rendezvous in another enterprise’s premises and suddenly realized that the PowerPoint presentation you were planning to dazzle them with is back at home on your computer? Or maybe your accountant needs remote access...
Kishore Khandavalli | Founder & CEO | SevenTablets - Insighs Success

SevenTablets: Digitally Transforming Enterprises with Mobile Apps

As the use of hand-held devices and cloud computing usage ascends up the technological bandwagon, the need for businesses to rethink their manner of performing conventional tasks has become of utmost importance. Enterprise Mobility enables this shift in...

Expert’s Viewpoint

Mobility, Eco System and Cloud – Challenges and Answers

Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, each one of these companies are constantly changing the nature of how the technology-based products and services are created, consumed and enhanced. As what is said, the change has become...

Enterprise Concern

Mobile First Strategy- Every Businesses Need

It is just undeniable that mobile technology is the way to the future. The question is why? Why these gadgets like tablets, phones, and watches have become so important that it is leading the...

In Brief

The New Way Of Business- Mobility on Cloud

The radical change in the innovative technology, is changing the basics of the enterprises function. The way of the businesses today is very much affected by the convergence of enterprise mobility with Cloud Computing,...

Mobility Review

Mobility Security

Enterprise Mobility is changing the landscape of IT security for the companies who are toiling hard to protect their sensitive information. High escalation of the BYOD and CYOD, simultaneously the bad factors are highly...

Technology Updates

Apps That Increase Employee Productivity & Engagement

Employee productivity and flexibility is the main concern of the enterprises nowadays. The use of ‘mobile collaboration apps’ is a new and innovative way to do it. According to a research, 80 percent of...