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Choice provides innovative solutions whether you collect billing data in real time or once a month.

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Choice Technologies: Providing Solutions that Assures the Recover of Revenue

What was once traditionally a monopoly business – Energy & Utility – has now swerved into a path of change. Since the early 2000s, the industry has surged ahead faster than its advancement in the previous century. The unbundling across the whole value chain from Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Retail began paving a new path for the industry. Presently, Utility companies are facing the most accelerated pace of industry changes and innovation that they have ever faced. New trends like Distributed Energy Resources……………
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The 10 Most Innovative Energy and Utility Solution Providers 2017

Steve Cooper | President & Founder | EnergyIQ - Insights Success

EnergyIQ: Creating Information Certainty in an Uncertain E&P World

Today, oil companies are faced with many challenges including lower prices, strict regulation, high environmental exposure, and more. Companies are forced to operate with less capital while facing more competition. While exploration and production...
Seppo Huurinainen | Founder & CEO | MHG Systems - Insights Success

MHG Systems: Forestry one-stop digital solution with all forest data you need

Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth, and are spread across the globe. Forests accounts for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth’s bio sphere, contain 80% of the Earth’s plant biomass and are the biggest producer of...
Paul Bernard | President & CEO | CallMiner- Insights Success

CallMiner: Elevating Customer Experience since Inception

Headquartered in Waltham MA, with offices in Fort Myers, FL, London, and Sydney, CallMiner is a privately held company that has been the industry pioneer and leader in the field of post contact and...

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Kiki Dikmen | Managing Partner | Choice Energy Services - Insights Success

The Role of Technology in Energy Management

The energy world is constantly changing and the way organizations procure, manage and use energy for their operations is dramatically different than it was several years ago. As expectations for procurement and energy management...
Jeff Carkhuff | VP | Itron - Insights Success

Technology and Network Convergence: Forging a Path to Smart Grid, Smart Cities and Internet...

By Jeff Carkhuff, VP-Global Electricity Solutions Marketing, Itron Quote: “Led by companies such as Cisco and Itron, a growing ecosystem of smart grid technology providers have collaborated to evolve network architecture so that utility field...
Amit Mehta | Chairman & CEO | Moblize - Insights Success

The Any-to-Any fabric will create true disruption in the Enterprise

The advent of internet devices with embedded connectivity/cloud computing/AI, big data/Virtual Reality/connected homes etc. is changing the way we live, think and act both as individuals and enterprises. These new technologies and trends are...

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A new sight to the phrase - 'Water is Life' - Insights Success

A New Sight to the phrase- ‘Water is Life’

71 % of the earth’s surface is water, and Human body consists of about 50-65 % water. It is no secret that explorers search for water on other planets because water is most essential...

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Science that can buy us Time to Prepare Ourselves - Insights Success

Science that can buy us Time to Prepare Ourselves

Everything runs on energy, living things take it from food and everything else runs on electricity. Computers, mobiles, vehicles, bulbs, fans and the companies which produce computers, mobiles, vehicles, bulbs, fans, everything needs electricity....