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Embotech: Orchestrating Autonomous Motion for a Better and Safer World

A sustainable embedded solution company is one that carries vital experience along with agility in its core business processes. Such a company should know its […]

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Embedded Systems are Gaining Popularity across all Domains

In today’s emerging world, systems have bought an ease of work due to its inherent advancements and features. The embedded system is one of the […]

Power Management Mechanisms in Embedded Systems

In today’s digital world, people are using applications in daily use which are not available few years back. In fact, what was termed as science […]

Airborne: The Pioneer of Advanced Composites Manufacturing

The digital twin—and the massive amounts of data it processes—often remained elusive to enterprises due to limitations in digital technology capabilities as well as limited […]

Aisilica: Boosting Surveillance with Hawk-eye Vision and Pedantic Precision

In an investigative conversation, it is frequently said that a picture speaks more than 1000 words, but video footage speaks the whole story, that too […]

Conbee: Engineered many Ground-breaking Smart TAGs to Streamline Logistic Processes

In any logistic operation, objects remain the most vital part in managing a smoother business process. But to manage the inventory and tracking of millions […]

NeoCortec: Connecting World with Leading-edge Networking Technology

The global IoT market is expected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 27 percent from 2018 to 2024 and will become a $6.5 trillion […]

VividQ: Crafted a Landmark Software Framework to Boost Holographic Display

Holographic display has long been considered the pinnacle of display technology amongst top academics and researchers in the field of digital display. This has been […]

Zolertia: Pioneering Embedded Revolution and Serving Clients with Ebullience

Starting from human- to- machine communication to machine-to machine communication, Internet of Things is indeed the most phenomenal revolution in IT sector.  Studies have estimated […]