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Steve Navarre | CEO || Mellony Deuel | Chief Academic Officer || Project Education

Project Education: Leveraging Technology, Redefining Education

Education has been the one sector that has undergone incredible transformation considering the influence of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence. This transformation was fueled […]

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Ibrahim Farook | Founder & CEO | Cosmico
Cosmico: Disrupting the EdTech sector through Innovation

A leading educator in innovative teaching, George Couros once rightly said, “Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers […]

Shamir Saddler | CEO | SmartTerm Limited
SmartTerm: Enhancing the Future of Education with Digitalization

During the COVID-19 pandemic, education system went through a complete transformation. The physical classrooms were replaced by screens – compelling the entire world to adapt […]