The 10 Most Innovative E-Learning Solution Providers 2018 September 2018

Cover Story

Sriram Subramanya | Founder & CEO | Integra Software Services | Insights Success

Integra Software Services – Spanning New Frontiers by Powering Content Transformation

The ubiquity of handheld devices and their ability to influence content consumption behaviors right from toddlers to an adult is reshaping how learning happens at […]

Project Listings

Adam Berns | MD | Integrated Technology Group (ITG) | Insights Success
Integrated Technology Group (ITG): Transforming Education with EduWave® e-Learning Platform

Founded in 1989, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is a leading international technology company that has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide with offices in […]

Labster | Insights Success
Labster: Empowering the Next Generation of Scientists to Change the World

One of the major challenges within the education sector today is the lack of adoption of new education technology in the classroom. This is despite […]

Tanin Timtong | Co-Founder & MD | Learn Education | Insights Success
Learn Education: Overhauling the Face of Education in Thailand

Education is the medium to enlighten young minds. Education plays a pivotal role in shaping a student’s destiny. However, in-accessibility of quality education to the […]

Tammy Farrell | Co-Founder & Director | PAPERbasket | Insights Success
PAPERbasket: Enhancing K-12 Edtech Adoption with Unique Device Use Analytics

With the U.S. leading a global trend towards greater edtech investments, many are questioning the efficacy of such investments. With over $14B USD invested this […]

Aldo de Pap | Founder | TeachPitch | Insights Success
TeachPitch: Curating Content to Empower & Revolutionize Learning

‘Content is King-’ this proverb holds more gravity in today’s deeply digitized world than ever before. There was a time when students, universities, and schools […]

Edwin Tay | CEO & Co-founder | EasyUni | Insights Success
How is a Digital Marketing Helping e-Learning Providers to Outreach to Students?

Be in the Know: Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Everything Today INTRODUCTION The education sector that we know of today appears nothing similar to how […]

Srividya Kumar | Co-founder | Learnnovators | Insights Success

E-learning. It’s no longer a new or novel medium. Organizations large and small have implemented e-learning and reaped the benefits, from both the business perspective […]

David_Blake | Co-founder & Executive Chairman Degreed | Insights Success
The Future of Learning Tech is Here. So What Can We Do?

If you go to HR or L&D conferences frequently or just check Twitter and LinkedIn, you will often hear that L&D is out of sync […]

Sketching the Immersive Landscape of eLearning
Sketching the Immersive Landscape of eLearning

The main reason behind the massive transformation in any sector is the internet. Hence, being influenced by the digital trends, the educational sector too has […]