The 10 Most Innovative Digital Signage Solution Providers 2019

Cover Story

Jayson H. So | President & CEO | Inewvation International

Inewvation International: Re ‘Innovating’ the Digital World

With the goal to lead cities to digital innovations, while carrying the core value “quality is everything”. Inewvation International came into existence. Established in Manila, […]

Project Listings

Rick Mills | CEO | Creative Realities
Creative Realities: The Creative Technology Company

With the intent of distributing content from a centralized location, to any end point, Creative Realities was founded. In 2008, the company expanded its offering to include […]

Jonathan Gudai | CEO | Adomni
Adomni: Redefining Advertising in Digital Signage Space

Founded in the year 2015, Adomni is a leading advertising technology company headquartered in Las Vegas, NY. The company’s mission is to connect brands of […]

Amedeo Tarzia | Founder, President & CEO | Corum Digital Corporation
Corum Digital: Helping Businesses Across the Globe Communicate More Effectively

Digital communication, via a network of digital displays, is truly more effective way to communicate, believes Corum Digital. Corum Digital is a technology company that […]