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Todd McKay | CEO | MgO Systems | Insights Success

MgO Systems: Eco-Friendly Construction Solutions

The world has grown into a dense concrete jungle with the emergence of construction technology. As the technology has grown, buildings and structures are not just limited to […]

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Eco-friendly Strategies for a Better Tech-enabled Construction World

Today, the national and global economies are on a consistent booming pathway. There is an upsurge in the use and implementation of cutting-edge technology in […]

Product Life Cycle Management Technology Transforming the Construction World

In the modern global economy, the construction enterprises have to face several challenges to streamline processes; increase revenues and cut cost whilst at the same […]

Lisa Pickell | President | Orren Pickell | Insights Success
Orren Pickell: Constructing Your Dream Homes

In an interview with Insights Success, Lisa Pickell, President of Orren Pickell Building Group, shares her insights and experiences over products and motto of the organization, along with the organization’s future […]

Mathews Mathew | CEO & Managing Director | ePROMIS Solutions | Insights Success
ePROMIS Solutions: Embarking Resilience in Business

Technology has played a major role in the overall development of various industries and the construction industry is not an exception for this technological development. Over the years, the techniques used […]

Tal Meirzon | CEO | Datumate | Insights Success
Datumate: Turning Data and Information into Insight

Handling large construction projects requires a right management. Most of the time, these projects are over budget, late, and are executed inadequately. Furthermore, these projects suffer from additional challenges such as […]

Robert Fuqua | Founder, President & CEO | Atlas RFID | Insights Success
Atlas RFID: The Future of Material Innovation

Atlas RFID Solutions was founded in 2007 to bridge the gap between the capabilities of RFID and barcode technology and the commercial needs of efficiency conscious firms. The company develops and […]

Jason Peter Brown | President & Lead Software Developer | StatsLog | Insights Success
StatsLog: Molding the Construction Industry for Over 30 Years

StatsLog is a Canadian company committed to creating the world’s best construction contract administration software. While it maintains a particular focus on the unique requirements of design professionals in Canada, its products […]