Cover Story

Hank Edley, SVP Cyber Security Compliance Services, Specialized Security Services, Inc. (S3 Security)

Specialized Security Services, Inc.: A Trusted Security Partner for Life

With the ever-increasing attacks targeting organizations’ data and networks, a secured IT infrastructure has become more important than ever. As a global compliance leader, Specialized […]

Project Listings

Matt Rocco - President & CEO || Ronnie Mize - Chief Security Officer || Etech Global Services
Etech Global Services: Delivering Effortless, Exceptional, and Personal Customer Experiences

In recent times, there is a rising need for personalized and engaging customer experiences across business verticals. The platforms that facilitate transforming customer engagement into […]

Liudas Kanapienis | CEO | Ondato
Ondato: Combating Fraud in Digital Space by Making Identity Verification Simpler, Better and Faster

It’s no secret that supervisory requirements are getting more complicated each year. The dilemma has reached the point where it becomes nearly impossible for small […]