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Paul Salnikow | Founder & CEO | The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre: Workspaces that Spell Success

The importance of an engaging workspace can be gauged by the fact that a working professional, on an average, spends around one-third of their life […]

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Observe Technologies' London team
Observe Technologies: Revolutionising Aquaculture through AI

Technology has been an evident catalyst in the reformation of every industry we know today. Organizations across the world are exploiting every ounce of opportunity […]

Mr. Mahair Goh | CEO | Global Art
Global Art: Nurturing Young Minds through Innovation

In this ever-changing era, innovation has become synonymous with technology. However, in its broader sense, it is something original and more effective. A consequence that […]

Damian Mifsud | the CEO | KnowMeNow
KnowMeNow: Delivering Transformative KYC Services

Following is an interview between Insights Success and Damian Mifsud, the CEO at KnowMeNow, a company which is committed to addressing problems pertaining to KYC, […]

Arun Gandhi | Director | Product Management Seceon
Seceon: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for Evolving Threats

As disruptive innovations and new business models transform organizations and communities around the world, it increases the landscape for the evolving cyber threats. Companies of […]

Michael O’Keeffe | Executive Chairman | Champion Iron
Champion Iron: Leader in First Grade Mining Development

Champion Iron is the largest publicly traded pure-play producer of high-grade iron ore in the world.  The company neighbors global operators of scale such as […]

Michael Miller | CEO | Brightway Insurance
The Changing Dynamics of Insurance Industry

“How insurance should be,” is how Michael Miller describes the company he co-founded, Brightway Insurance. Along with his brother David, he founded Brightway and invented […]

Safety is the Ultimate Luxury
Safety is the Ultimate Luxury – How LIVALL is Creating the First Safe Cycling Ecosystem

With the dawn of the new decade, LIVALL’s ultimate goal is to create the world’s first safe cycling ecosystem through a variety of initiatives that […]