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Wave Computing: Redefining AI Computing with Dataflow Technology

The world has experienced three great industrial revolutions over the past 100 years, driven by steam, electricity and then transistors. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is […]

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Assaf Gad, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Audioburst
AI Saved the Audio Star

Useful Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. There’s an estimated 33 million voice-first, AI enabled devices in homes today and the mass adoption is indisputable […]

The Role & Challenges of Data Needed for Cognitive Computing and AI

In the last few years, AI and cognitive computing have made breathtaking strides driven by developments in machine learning, such as deep learning. Deep learning […]

Luis_Dussan, Co-Founder & CEO, AEye
AEye: Safe & Reliable Vehicle Autonomy

AEye is a pioneer of artificial perception and the creator of iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging), a perception system that that acts as the eyes […]

CloudMedx: Comprehensive Unified Healthcare

Delivering medical care is very rewarding as a profession but it can also be very stressful. All too often, clinicians have to contend with incomplete […]

Find Solution Artificial Intelligence: Tailored Interactive Curriculum through AI

Find Solution AI has developed an AI-driven Motivation Model Software incorporated with a Deep Learning model to read users’ emotions and generate real-time interaction and […]

Intelligent Voice: A Distinctive Speech to Text Analysis Solution

Intelligent Voice is a London based leading innovative technology firm which develops enhanced speech to text solutions and secure voice recognition process. Its innovations hold enormous […]

BurstIQ: Technology to Revolutionize Healthcare

Most people consider their health and that of their loved ones to be their number one priority. However, we have relied far too long on […]

neurIOT: Molding Cognition to Deliver Precise Prediction

The IoT industry has gained momentum in its application within numerous arenas and appliances. This universal applicability has made IoT a quintessential part of the […]

Pixoneye: Building Technology that Learns, Trains and Predicts Entirely on Device

Headquartered in London, England, Pixoneye emerged out of the need to protect end users’ data and went on to establish its name as a leading […]

Presenso: Aiding Industrial Development with Artificial Intelligence

Concealed within exabytes of sensor data generated by industrial machines are micro-patterns that can tell us when a machine is likely to fail. Until now, […]