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Dr. Mohamad Hamade| Amanat Holdings

Dr. Mohamad Hamade: A Golden Vision of Futuristic Investments

Visionaries are most sought out in the investment business. Most investors are looking for visionaries that can help them stay ahead of the upcoming trend. […]

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Boris Kontsevoi
Boris Kontsevoi: Bringing Concepts to Reality

The journey from a business leader to a chief executive officer isn’t just connected with personal goals and ambitions. It also always aligns with a […]

Phil Bullinger | CEO | Infinidat
Phil Bullinger: Building a Customer-Centric Company Culture to drive Focus, Execution and Success

As enterprises around the world embrace and advance their digitalization journey, digital transformation is having a profound impact on data growth. Data storage plays a […]

Tony Bates|Genesys
Tony Bates: Driving Innovative Technological Shifts with Empathy at Forefront 

In the 1990s, the earliest internet infrastructure was digging its roots deeper to branch out globally. Over the course of decades, it has continued to […]