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Çhad Otar

Çhad Otar: Shifting Tides in FinTech

Bolstered by a team of fantastic individuals, each with their unique set of skills and experience, resulting in Lending Valley’s innovation made waves in the […]

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Whole Brain Consulting
Brandon Hernandez: YOUR Trusted Partner for Outsourcing Services in Consumer Products Industry

With a mission to provide the highest level of outsourced operations focusing on QA/QC, supply chain, co-man sourcing, R&D, and private equity operational due diligence, […]

Shayne R. Neuwirth, Owner-Operator | the Shayne R. Neuwirth CPA | PLLC.
Shayne R. Neuwirth: Fearless of any Failures in Finance

Starting your business comes with several different aspects, and finance is one of the major ones. If you plan to run any business, there are […]