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Omar Mohamed | CEO | Flowco Malaysia

Omar Mohamed Said: Leading with Authenticity and Adding Value

Association can stimulate and influence a person’s consciousness, cognitive processes and also, leadership style. Due to the influential impact of association, it is advised that […]

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Alice Chang | CEO & Founder | Perfect Corp.
Alice Chang: Delivering The Most Impactful Consumer Beauty Shopping Experiences Using AI and AR

As an industry projected to be worth nearly 440 billion dollars by the 2026, it is safe to say consumers are into their beauty products. […]

David Wachs | CEO, Founder & Chief Robot Mechanic | Handwrytten
David Wachs: Building Lasting Bonds with Customers through Power of Handwritten Notes

In an age where everyone is drowning in electronic communication, handwritten notes really stand out. They go a long way in building lasting relationships with […]

May Yap | Managing Director & CEO | LHT Holdings Ltd.
May Yap: A Proficient with Extensive Work Experience

“We must know the market well, identify our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Build rapport with customers, find out what matters to customers, provide solutions, and […]

Mona Jalota | Founder | Krypton Global Investments
Mona Jalota: A Real Estate Professional

“I still sometimes need to pinch myself to believe that I’m I an entrepreneur, I had, very early in my career slotted myself as a […]

Nin Desai | President & CEO | NIN Ventures LLC
Nin Desai: A Prominent Personality in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry

A techno geek and a proficient fund manager, Nin Desai has significantly contributed to Venture Capital and Private Equity industry through her venture, NIN Ventures […]

Dr. Chad Audi | President & CEO | Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM)
Dr. Chad Audi: Serving Humanity With Clarity, Sincerity, And Humility

Clarity in vision, sincerity towards the goals, and humility in behaviour are the essential traits to acquire to become a transformational leader. Dr. Chad Audi […]

The Talent Landscape is NOW your Biggest Threat, or is it?

In 2010, I founded HRBoost and I had a big vision. I aimed to bring JOY and PURPOSE to people through their work. Today, I […]