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Ahmed Detta: Ensuring Sustainability by Pioneering the Development of Recycling Methodologies

Development is great but it should be in harmony with the well-being of the environment. Use of renewable energy resources is an important factor in […]

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The Changing Landscape of Work Place: Remote Working Should be Encouraged or Not?

The evidence in other areas I witness leads me to believe that what I once thought about freelancers has been firmly set into motion. Freelancers […]

Betsy Wiersma: Empowering Women Around the World with the Power of Love and Support

Self-upbringing and learning are the processes that have no end. The journey becomes more joyful when you can enjoy company and friendship of mind full […]

Leigh Rust: An Avid Entrepreneur and a Proud Advocate for Australian-Made Products

Gone are the days when overseas businesses were leading the manufacturing and product industry and regarded as the mark of excellence. With a focus on […]

Manju Mastakar: Facilitating Sustainable Capital Growth of Individuals as well as Businesses

Evidently, innovation is the key to success in any business. The innovative ideas are like seeds of success, which need to be implemented successfully and […]

Steven Hill: An Accomplished Executive Leader in the Telecommunications Industry

Accountability increases productivity, as it helps leaders deliver results without being complacent. It helps them keep track of their short-term and long-term goals and thus, […]