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TRIK: Making the Most of Your Drone Data

In the Aviation and Aerospace industry, we can observe two sides of innovation - hardware and software. In hardware, many companies compete to develop material [...]

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Eleanor Mitch, Co-founder and CEO,14bis Supply Tracking
14bis Supply Tracking: Providing Supply Chain Transparency and Systems Interoperability

At present, the aerospace industry is evaluating new technologies to solve some of the recurring issues that have long affected its maintenance and operations. Recent […]

InteliSys: Helping Airlines Grow

The rapidly changing aviation industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Passenger expectations are constantly evolving, the way people browse and […]

MyAirSeat: Booking & Dispatching System for Small and Medium Size Aircraft Operators

In order to make reservations with helicopter and small airplane companies, in 90% of the cases, the client is required to call or e-mail the […]

TSRI: Updating the World with Architecture-Driven Modernization

For the past decade, there has been a shift in the industry from a few core businesses handling many projects in the aerospace/defense industry to […]

UMW AEROSPACE: Expertise in Operating Lean & Commitment to Manufacturing Excellence

The Aviation & aerospace industry is clearly plagued by two key constraints: insufficient supply chain capacity and inefficient logistics. The industry has been in backlog […]

Emerging Possibilities of Small & Medium MRO’s in India

India is expected to be the 3rd largest aviation market by 2020, rising from its present 9th position with a size of around USD 16 billion. According to […]


How the digital revolution has changed the luxury market. Whether the phrase ‘digital revolution’ is a positive demonstration of humankind’s pioneering ability to advance or […]

Trends Shaping the Aviation Industry

Aviation plays a significant role in modern socio-economies, providing better connectivity and accessibility, and facilitating commerce. It connects people and cultures all over the world. […]